Dating Ideas for you right now

If you want to have a perfect date, always remember that it takes a lot of hard work and efforts to win a woman heart. Well, there are many things to always consider if you want to have a successful date, and you have to take it seriously. One wrong move in a date might not get you to the second one that is why see to it that you are doing it well. But because of what we experienced today, we also have to consider some precaution as covid 19 is still there.

The pandemic cannot stop you from pursuing the person you want. Following the rules that’s been implemented by the DOH is a must that is why dating these days is possible. Being safety, these days is still the priority, you also don’t want your lover to get infected to it that is why you have to think a low risks date for now.

Below are some dating ideas for you right now that you can do while in pandemic.

1.         Home cook dinner

Instead of having dinner outside and meet different people along the way is a kind of risks for covid 19. The better way to avoid that kind of situation is by staying at home and just make dinner together. Cooking together also create memories, and bond with your women.

2.         Night Movie at home

Instead of watching in movie theater, you could also have spent time watching movie at home. You and your partner can comfortably sit or lie down in the couch.

3.         Tour in the house

While you are spending time together at home, there’s a lot of things to talk about. You would want to tour the person in the house, and inform her about what makes each stuff special. In that way, she would be able to know you in things you keep in the house.

4.         Watch the star together

In the middle of the night, you and your partner have a small drink while lying in the rooftop or garden watching the stars. It is kind of romantic to be with someone in watch the beautiful sky together. You can open a topic about your dreams and goals in life.

5.         Be gentleman

In the first date, never make anything that can ruin the trust of the women. Get her trust first, and don’t make any silly moves. If you want this person to date you another time, always make her feel that she is safe with you.

This pandemic does not stop us from spending time with the person we want. However, there are also things that draws closer to them, a more real and cheap costs. In that way, you can also know the person more of how she or he treated you. Dating is one of the most enjoying things in the life of human. The feeling of joy is different when you spend your time with the right person.

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