Auto Hail Claims: How Long Do You Have To Claim Hail Damage On Car

The weather can be very unpredictable these days. And whenever a storm rampages your area, your house and vehicle can be easily filled with unsightly dents due to hail.

Now the cost of repair can be very shocking since the damage mostly covers the entire car. Fortunately, hail damage is one of the things that your insurance policy covers.

But now the question is: how long do you have to claim hail damage on car? Get more information on this matter as you read this entry further.

The Time Limits To Hail Damage Claim

Normally, the time limit for filing a hail damage claim for your car should be indicated in your insurance policy. That’s why it’s recommended to double check this detail by going through your policy again.

However, in some instances, the insurance company is vague on how soon you need to file for the hail damage claim. They just state the words “promptly” or “immediately” but nothing else is further clarified.

Nevertheless, you have to notify your insurance company at the soonest possible time, specifically by providing them with the details like the exact date, time, location, and most importantly the name and address of those people who are involved with the insurance claim.

But what happens if the damage caused by the storm has affected a large portion of your geographical area? How will you be able to file the claim immediately when the conditions do not permit you to do so? If this happens, the insurance companies will be gracious enough to extend the time limit for humanitarian reasons.

How Insurance Companies Assess The Hail Damage

After filing a claim, your insurance provider will immediately send their representative (adjuster) to check the damage sustained. Most PDR (paintless dent repair) technicians recommend positioning your vehicle inside a garage or a shaded location as the glare from the sun can make it difficult for the dents to be seen which will then affect the results of the damage assessment.

Once the adjuster is finished with the assessment, the adjuster will make an estimated cost of the repair based on the following methods:

Traditional Repair – Replacement of body panels, filling dents, and repainting. This type of repair is recommended for cars that are severely damaged by hail.

Paintless Dent Repair – This service is provided by a hail damage repair company that includes labor cost for fixing dents (price may be based ‘per dent’ or ‘per panel’) as well as the removal and reinstallation of vehicle parts.


Overall, some insurance providers will send you a check after your car has been repaired while some others will send the estimated repair cost amount minus your deductible. So if the damage to the vehicle is merely cosmetic, you can choose to waive the repair and live with the dents. However, you’ll get less money if you’ll sell your car later.

So the best solution with dealing with minor body dents is always going for a trusted PDR company to make your car look spotless again.

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